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When to use grids in radiography

The wire grid is a device that can be placed in the film box to improve the quality of the radiation and make the image clearer by filtering the scattered radiation.
Not all X-ray machines need to be equipped with grids. If the imaging quality of the X-ray machine is ideal, there is no need to configure the grid. When the image quality of the X-ray machine is poor due to the more cluttered rays emitted by the X-ray machine, you can try to use a wire grid.
In the process of using the grid, you need to pay attention to selecting the matching grid. Different parameters such as the grid density grid ratio focal length of the wire grid will produce different effects.
It should be noted that sometimes the use of a grid does not necessarily result in a significant improvement in image quality. There are many factors for the imaging quality of the image. In addition to the image accident due to cluttered rays, there are many other factors, such as improper operation, the settings of the imaging system hardware and software, and so on.
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