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Grid usage principles

What is the principle of using the grid? Let me briefly introduce it below.
1. When using a clustered grid, the grid cannot be reversed. The center line of the x-ray should be aligned with the center line of the grid, and the left and right deviation should not exceed 3 cm. When tilting the x-ray tube, the tilt direction can only be aligned with the lead strip direction parallel.
2. When using the grid to focus on the grid, the distance from the focal point to the grid should be within the allowable range of f1 to f2. When using the speed-adjustable motion grid, the motion speed should be adjusted to suit the exposure time. The general motion time It should be longer than one-fifth of the exposure time, the body thickness is more than 15cm, and the KV is more than 60KV, and the grid should be used.
3. When using a grid, the voltage of the X-ray tube must exceed the impedance value of the coil. This impedance value is usually between several thousand ohms and several hundred thousand ohms. If the tube voltage is too low, the output voltage of the tube cannot be effectively limited, so the coil must be configured at the output end of the tube to ensure that the tube voltage is high enough.
4. The grid is a voltage limiting device used at the output of the tube. Its basic principle is to limit the output voltage of the tube by placing a high-impedance coil at the output of the tube.
5. The grid can also be used to limit the output current of the electronic tube to prevent the electronic tube from being damaged. When using a grid, attention should be paid to the winding number and wire diameter of the coil, as well as the distance between the coil and the tube. These factors all affect the performance of the grid.
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