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Grids used in radiography103L/IN means

When we buy and use grids used in radiography, we often refer to the parameter requirements of grids used in radiography, including grid density, grid ratio, focal length and size. 103L/IN means that the grid density of the grid is 103 lines per foot, and 103L/IN is the conventional grid density standard. Generally speaking, the higher the grid density, the better the filtering effect of the grid on stray scattered rays, but the higher the grid density, the higher the cost. The 103L/IN grid not only meets our normal use standards, but the cost is also within the acceptable range.
We at Newheek provide grids used in radiography with regular dimensions and parameters, such as 15*18 feet, grid density 103l/in, focal length 1.8 meters, grid ratio 10:1, as shown in the figure, and also supports customization of grids used in radiography with special parameters. . Customers can choose according to actual needs.

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