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How are filter grids classified?

X ray grid is divided by structure
1. Convergence grating: Each lead bar tilts toward the focus, i.e. the lead extension line concentrates on the focus; (commonly used)
2. Parallel grid: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane;
3. Cross grids: composed of two parallel grids, the direction of lead bar is 90 degrees each other.
4. Arc grating: It is formed by the center extending outward and overlapping of equal radius, tile-like.
According to material quality

JPI Aluminum-based Aluminum Cover (commonly used), Aluminum-based Carbon Cover, Carbon-based Carbon Cover, and Philips Paper-based Filter Grid (high price, low cost performance)
The difference between filter grids and filters.
The filter is generally composed of a frame, a filter grille, a drive mechanism and a dark box tray.
Fixed filter has a high requirement for the grid density, generally over 40L/cm.


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