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How do use x ray grids for work?

The x ray grid grating is divided into the focal plane and the back focal plane. The focal plane is the one facing the focus of the spherical tube, which is also called the “incident plane”. Labels are marked or marked on the focal plane and the center line of the grid is marked. When using, the focal plane must be directed towards the spherical tube.

When using the convergent filter grating, the convergent line should coincide with the focus of the spherical tube, so that the primary ray and the lead bar are parallel and can pass through smoothly, while the scattering line direction is random and rarely consistent with the direction of the lead bar, so most of them are absorbed by the lead bar, and the image clarity obtained is better. Therefore, the filter grate should be placed in the required position as far as possible to avoid center deviation.
Because the filter grids of the same size have different grid ratios and density, at least size and grids should be used when communicating with customers.
The best way to confirm it is to use the label and parameters in four aspects: grid ratio, grid density and focal length.
1. Size: Long * wide, in inches or cm, in S; for example, 15 * 18 or 18 * 18
2. Ratio: also known as grid ratio, grid ratio, is the ratio of lead bar height to lead bar gap, expressed in R; 8:1, 10:1, 12:1.
3. Line rate: Number of lead bars per unit distance, expressed in N; 40L/CM, 52, 60, 80, 85…
4. Focus distance: The vertical distance from the lead convergence line to the surface of the grid, expressed as f. 1 m, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 m


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