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What types of grids can be divided into?

At present, the x ray grid is used more and more. His main function is to make the image clearer and absorb the scattered scattering lines. Let’s look at the types of grids.

Our company’s grids can be divided into three types: Korean filter grid, Korean JPI grid and King filter grid.
The grid is very important for the X-ray machine and the chest holder. It can absorb the scattered scattered lines and improve the image clarity. Let’s look at the function of the grid and how it works.
Scattering lines are extremely harmful in X-ray photography. Because of their biological effects, biological cells are inhibited, damaged, and even killed by different doses of X-rays, so the scattered line is both the subject and the work. Personnel increase unnecessary radiation dose and radiation damage, which increases the contrast of X-ray photographs and the possibility of losing useful information. Therefore, it is crucial to remove the scattered rays in X-ray photography. The grid is designed for this purpose.


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