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How is the grid composed?

Recently, many customers have come to consult the filter grid. What is the filter grid used for? Simply put, the grid is a messy scattering of radiation. I will explain in detail below:

(1) In the application of high-purity lead in the grid, the anti-scattering aspect provides high efficiency.

(2) Accurate combination of aluminum and aluminum strips enables high quality images.
Parameters of fine X ray grid
(3) The smooth aluminum cover wraps the lead grid lines, as well as the enamel, so the heat from the grid and dust erodes away from the pain for many years of maintenance.

  Range: X-ray photography frame, membrane bed, gastrointestinal bed.

   When a general customer queries the grid, it first needs to ask for the required dimensions, the grid to the gate density and focal length of these parameters. Commonly used grid: 10 grid ratio of size 15 x 18: gate density of 1,103 L / IN. Usually the ray focus grid frame 1 uses .8 meters, the bed, and the film is the focal length of the gastrointestinal bed. About 5 meters. Therefore, when the customer recommends the grid, these parameters should be made clear. It is important to note that the grid is specially tailored based on the use of the parameter DR DR flat panel detector.


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