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How much does a JPI brand grid cost?

Recently, Mr. Li from an orthopedics clinic in Jiangxi called the editor to consult the JPI brand grid. The x ray grid that the customer used before has a dark shadow and cannot be used normally. The customer wants to inquire whether the x ray grid can be repaired, and if it can be repaired, the price If it’s not expensive, I don’t want to buy a new JPI brand grid. Today, the editor will share with you about the shadow of the x ray grid and whether it can be repaired.
Inside the x ray grid, many lead bars are closely arranged according to certain rules, with fixed gaps and proportions. Once the gap or shape between the lead bars is changed due to external force or other factors, the x ray grid may be abnormal and dark shadows may appear. Or black lines and other faults, the current grid is sealed and wrapped with aluminum or other materials. Once the tightly arranged lead strips are opened, they will collapse and cannot be restored. Therefore, once the grid fails, it cannot be repaired. You can only purchase a new grid for replacement.
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