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JPI X ray grid

Our company is the domestic agent manufacturer of the Korean JPI X ray grid, and currently has a large number of direct sales in the country. The x ray grid is a very important part of the X-ray machine, mainly used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film or image. Placed between the human body and the film, most of the scattered rays can be filtered out, and only a small part of the straight rays can pass through. Thereby improving the diagnostic quality of images by medical equipment and providing clearer and more accurate X-ray images. The grid is located directly behind the patient, installed inside the cassette, in front of the image intensifier and various detectors.
JPI x ray grid advantages,
(1)JPI X ray grid variable size
From standard 5 × 7 “to 14 × 51”, special size can also be customized according to customer’s requirements. The size of filter grid is one inch larger than the corresponding film size.
(2) JPI X ray grid variable gate ratio
From 3:1 to 15:1, the gate ratio refers to the ratio of the height of the lead bar to the width of the gap.
(3) JPI X ray grid focal length range
From the standard short focus (26 “- 32”), the focal length (34 “- 44”) and the far focus (40 “- 72”, 48 “- 72” 60 “- 72”) to infinity (parallel line).
(4)JPI X ray grid high gate density
From 60 or 70 lines / inch to high density (85 lines / inch), ultra-high density (103 lines / inch), invisible lines (105 lines / inch), super invisible lines (170 or 200 lines / inch).

Jpi x ray parameters


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