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How much is the ex-factory price of the x ray grid?

Recently, many customers call to inquire about the price of the x ray grid. The customer is a newcomer to the radiology department. Before using the x ray grid, they did not know the brand and performance of the x ray grid. The editor determined the use environment and purpose with the customer in detail, and finally recommended a 10:1 grid with a focal length of 1.3m and a size of 15*18.
Junwang x ray grid and jpi x ray grid are both Korean brands. The grids of these two brands are very well-known in the world. At present, the king and jpi x ray grids on sale in China are sold through agency companies, of which 15 The x ray grids with two sizes of *18 and 18*18 are widely loved and praised by radiology departments.
We are the agent company of King’s x ray grid. If you have grid needs, please feel free to inquire and discuss cooperation matters. Because the parameters and specifications are not the same, we need to quote separately according to the different x ray grid specifications of the customer’s needs. Welcome People from all walks of life call to consult and discuss supporting production, maintenance and replacement, agency trade and other matters.

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