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X-ray grid

The X-ray grid is mainly used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film or image. Most scattered rays are filtered out, and only a few direct rays pass through. Therefore, the diagnostic quality of the image by the medical device is improved, and a clearer and more accurate x-ray image is provided.

The appearance of the X-ray grid is a 4 to 8 mm thick plate. The internal structure consists of many focused thin lead strips. The two lead strips are filled with a substance that easily passes through x-rays and sticks together. The filler can be wood, paper or aluminum. Finally, use a thin aluminum sheet or carbon fiber board to form a grid board. From the cross section, the layout direction of the filter plate leads will converge to one point. From the entire lead plate, there is a convergence line.

X-ray grids are classified according to their structure. 1. Convergent grid: Each lead is inclined to the focal point, that is, the extension of the lead is concentrated on the focal point. 2. Parallel grid: each lead is parallel to each other on the vertical plane. 3. Cross grid: It is composed of two parallel grids, the lead direction is 90 °. 4. Arc-shaped grid: expand outwards from the center, overlapping with equal radius, like tiles.

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