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How to choose the right size X-ray grid

I believe that the friends in the radiology department are very familiar with the X-ray grid, because the X-ray grid is used on the X-ray machine, and its function is believed to be roughly guessed by most friends. X-ray filter The role of the wire grid is to filter stray X-rays to make the image after imaging clearer. Different equipment needs to be equipped with different grids, so let’s learn about X-ray grids in this issue.
First of all, we can classify from the size: 6 inches X 8 inches (15X20cm)
9 inch X 11 inch (23X28cm)
11 inch X 13 inch (28X33cm)
12 inch X 15 inch (30X38cm)
13 inch X 16 inch (33X40cm)
15 inch X 15 inch (38X38cm)
15 inch X 18 inch (38X46cm)
18 inch X 18 inch (46X46cm)
With so many sizes, how should we choose the appropriate size for our equipment? Usually the X-ray grid is equipped with an inch larger than the photosensitive material. For example, the focal length of the 5*7 photosensitive material is 0.7-1.8m, and you can choose a 6×8 X-ray grid for use. The best position is about 0.7-1.8 meters between the X-ray grid and the tube of the X-ray machine (depending on the model of the X-ray machine, the best effect needs to be tested).
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