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Suitable handy grid are singled out

Friends who have difficulty in choosing must be very entangled in various styles when purchasing. There are many types of grids, and the ones that are bought may not be suitable. It’s better to let the editor take you to understand the effects of the different types of grids.
In this issue, we will not make too many distinctions and introductions to brands, but distinguish their types and meanings from a macro perspective.
1. First of all, if we distinguish the grids according to the structure, they can be divided into four categories:
1. Convergence grid-each lead bar is inclined to the focus, that is, the extension line of the lead bar is concentrated on the focus
2. Parallel grid-each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane.
3. Crossing grid——combined by two layers of parallel grids, the lead bars are 90° with each other.
4. Circular arc grid-from the center to the outward expansion of the same radius superimposed, like a tile.
(Among these four categories, the convergence barrier is the most widely used)
It can be divided according to motor function, and there are two forms:
1. Fixed grid
2. Vibration grid: a grid with a low grid density (28L/cm) can only be used as a movable grid, which is mostly used on industrial frequency X-ray machines.
3. According to the material of the grid, there are two forms:
1. Commonly used grid: The internal spacer is made of non-metallic materials, such as wood chips, paper chips, plastics and other non-metallic low-density materials.
2. All-metal grid: the internal spacer is made of metal material: aluminum sheet. It has high strength and good moisture resistance.
Four, there are mainly three types of filling materials:
1. Paper base: Aluminum base absorbs less radiation and is economical
2. Aluminum base: Paper base is susceptible to moisture, and now it is rarely used
3. Carbon-based: Carbon-based production process is troublesome and costly, but it has good ray transmittance and good imaging quality
The editor took everyone to understand so many kinds of grids. If you still don’t know how to choose a grid that suits your equipment, please contact us and we will have professional technicians to answer your questions.



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