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How to use An X-ray Grid correctly

An X-ray Grid should have a standard installed when it is used, otherwise it will not filter out the scattered light and will not serve its purpose.
The X-ray grid is divided into two sides. The front is the focus surface, which is literally the side facing the focus of the ball tube, that is, the side with converging lines.
When placing an X-ray Grid, make sure that the focus plane is toward the tube.
The other side of the focal plane is called the posterior focal plane.
Pay attention to the direction of the X-ray when exposed.
According to the inclined direction of the lead strip, the center line of The X-ray can be tilted at a certain Angle without deviating from the center line of the X-ray Grid, so that the direction of the X-ray irradiation is consistent with the direction of the lead strip.
This can ensure the best quality of X-rays through the X-ray Grid, to ensure the quality of the image.
When placing an X-ray grid, notice that the focus plane is in the direction of the X-ray production, placing it in the direction of the human body and the incidence of the X-ray.
In this way, the stray X-rays can be well absorbed and the imaging quality can be improved.
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