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Know the X-ray Grid parameters

The X-ray grid used in X-ray machines is used to reduce scattered light and improve image quality when taking X-ray pictures.

The normal size of the grid is 15″*18″ inches and 18″*18″ inches, corresponding to the flat panel detector size 14″*17″ inches and 17″*17″ inches respectively. And you can also choose CR film cassette or IP board.

Important indicators/parameters,

Focal length: the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead bar to the surface of the X-ray grid, expressed as F.

Grid density: the number of lead bars within a unit distance, expressed in N.

Grid ratio: It is the ratio of the lead bar height to the lead bar gap, expressed by R.

The X-ray grid ratio of the grid depends on the tube voltage. If the tube voltage is greater than 90KV, a grid ratio of 10:1 and above will be used. If the tube voltage is lower than 90KV, a grid ratio of 8:1 and below should be selected.

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