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How to use X-ray grid?

An X-ray grid is a device used to adjust the hardness and intensity of an X-ray beam. It consists of a series of parallel vertical stripes made of different materials. Here’s how to use the grid:
Installation: First, determine the appropriate location and fix it in the X-ray emitting device (such as X-ray machine or CT scanning equipment). Make sure the grid is perpendicular to the X-ray beam.
Material selection: Select appropriate materials based on the need to weaken or enhance the hardness and intensity of the X-ray beam. Commonly used materials include aluminum, copper, and tungsten.
Stripe selection: According to needs, select the appropriate stripe density to adjust the hardness and intensity of the X-ray beam. Densely denser stripes will filter the X-ray beam more effectively, reducing its intensity.
Adjust position: Adjust the position as needed to enable it to filter the X-ray beam in a specific area. This can be accomplished by moving the position of the grid or adjusting its angle.
In summary, X-ray grids are used by selecting the appropriate material and stripe density, and adjusting their position and angle to control the hardness and intensity of the X-ray beam to meet specific imaging needs and safety requirements.
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