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How X-ray grids work

An X-ray grid is a device used to tune and select X-rays in a specific energy range. It filters or weakens unwanted X-ray energy through filtering, and only allows X-rays in a specific energy range to pass through. It works as follows:
Material selection: X-ray grids are usually made of materials with high atomic numbers, such as aluminum, copper, tungsten, etc. Different materials have different degrees of absorption for X-rays in different energy ranges.
Filtering effect: When X-rays pass through the grid, the materials in the grid will absorb or scatter X-rays in different energy ranges. Lower-energy soft X-rays are absorbed by lighter filter materials, while higher-energy hard X-rays are less absorbed.
Energy selection: The grid will select a specific filter material and thickness according to the application requirements to achieve the required energy range selection effect. By adjusting the material and thickness of the grid, precise tuning of the X-ray energy can be achieved.
Absorption effect: The main function of the grid is to absorb unnecessary X-ray energy to reduce the radiation dose entering the detector or receiver, thereby protecting the safety of the human body and improving image quality. For some specific applications, the grid can also selectively pass X-rays in a certain energy range.
In general, the X-ray grid adjusts and filters X-rays in different energy ranges by selecting specific materials and controlling the filter thickness. The filtering effect can be used to tune the required energy range to achieve effective control and selectivity of X-ray radiation to meet different application requirements. If you are interested in this product, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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