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Image intensifier x ray grid quality

X-ray grid is a very important part of X-ray machine, which is mainly used to filter the influence of scattered rays on film or image.

Although X-ray grid x ray grids can reduce the scattered radiation generated in the object to be inspected and improve the imaging quality, it also blocks some x rays that should be fired into the X-ray detector.To eliminate this adverse effect, the dose of X-ray radiation must be increased.

X-ray grid filter grid (radial image filter grid) is mainly used in medical X-ray camera system.The filter bars absorb the scattered x-rays, passing only through direct light.It can be installed between the film and the human body to reduce the interference of scattered light on the image and damage to the human body.

The filter grid driver drives the filter grid to and fro in a specific regular motion, avoiding the projection of the ray grid itself on the image and improving the sharpness of the picture.

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