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X ray grid radiology notes

X ray grid radiology, placed between the human body and the film, filters out most of the scattered lines and only a small fraction of them leak through.

X ray grid radiology is one of the important components of the X-ray machine. When photographing with the focus movable x-ray X ray grid, the focal length must be equal to the X ray grid focal length.

If there is a difference between the focal length of the film and the focal length of the grating, the film center receives a large amount of X-ray and the two sides gradually reduce, and the degree of reduction increases with the increase of the difference and the increase of the breathing area.

The reason is that X ray is formed into an Angle with the lead that forms X ray grid radiology, that is, the larger the Angle is, the more X ray is absorbed, and this absorption is more significant with the increase of gate ratio.

Newheek filter X ray grid is divided into linear X ray grid and X ray grid X ray grid.According to geometric classification, the filter X ray grid is divided into parallel X ray grid and focusing X ray grid.If classified by structure, the filter X ray grid is divided into static grid and active filter.

Clinical use is static or active linear focus grid radiology.

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