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Importance of x-ray grid

Is there a big difference between mounting or not mounting a x-ray grid on the camera rack? The answer to this question is as follows:
Necessity of using x-ray grid: It is generally believed that the exposure coefficient of x-ray grid is one of the criteria for measuring wire grating. Exposure coefficient B is the exposure ratio needed to obtain the same density value without x-ray grid. After using x-ray grid, the B value is usually between 2 and 6. The smaller the B value of x-ray grid with the same performance, the better. When the degree is usually more than 15 cm, the x-ray grid will be used.
X-ray grid is used to filter the effect of scattered light on film. It should be placed between human body and film. Most scattered light can be filtered out, only a small part of scattered light leaks out. The x-ray grid can improve the quality of medical equipment of X-ray machine. The function of the x-ray grid is to filter scattering lines, reduce fog and improve contrast. When the thickness and density of the object are relatively large, the use of filter grating can improve the shooting quality.
The suggestion of using high frequency machine to shoot film is to use x-ray grid, the effect will be better.
Importance of x-ray grid


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