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X-ray grid for orthodox film frame

Newheek front mounted film frame is a medical X-ray film device. It can be used with medical X-ray machine. It can be used for multi-position X-ray photography of human body, such as head, chest, abdomen, joints and limbs. It can be used together with x-ray grid to obtain higher quality images. Formal film frame is a necessary conventional equipment for radiology departments of medical and health units at all levels, which is easy to use.
Features of formal film stand products:
(1) The product is composed of pillars, sliding frames, photographers, etc. The structure is compact and easy to install.
(2) The sliding frame is portable to move up and down and can be positioned arbitrarily. The dark box is located on the film clip of the camera, which is convenient to use.
(3) Select high-quality imported fixed x-ray grid, the panel to film distance is short, the image is clear, the x-ray grid only need to be placed in the cover part of the front-mounted film frame.
(4) No power supply is required.
X-ray grid for orthodox film frame


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