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Indian customers inquire about wire grids

Indian customers saw the X-ray grid advertised by our company on the website of Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and sent an email consultation. The customer said that they were a dealer specializing in the sales of X-ray machine accessories and wanted to know about our company More information on the sale of wire grids hope to have the opportunity for long-term cooperation.
Our background investigation on this customer found that he had consulted our company for X-ray machine exposure handbrakes, high-voltage cables and other products before, but the customer’s budget was too low and he never reached a cooperation. This time, the customer was interested in our filter grid, and sent him the color page of the filter grid according to the customer’s request, and confirmed with the customer what parameters to configure the filter grid, and sent our product catalogue as an attachment, if necessary Other products can also be consulted.
We are a manufacturer of X-ray machine accessories. In addition to x ray grids, our company also provides exposure handbrakes, bulbs, beamers, high-voltage cables, high-voltage generators, photographic frames, photographic flat beds, etc.

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