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Selection of X-ray Grids

The function of the X-ray grid is to absorb stray scattered rays to make the image clearer and reduce unnecessary X-ray radiation to the human body. The X-ray filter grid is an important accessory of the X-ray film machine, which is mainly installed on the photography flat bed and the photography frame.
The choice of the X-ray grid is mainly based on the desired location. The specifications of the X-ray filter grid mainly include size, grid density, grid ratio, and focal length. Regarding the size of the X-ray filter grid, the selection mainly refers to the size of the imaging cassette or flat panel detector. For a 17-inch imaging plate, choose an 18*18-inch X-ray grid. The grid has three parameters of 12:1, 10:1 and 8:1 than the regular specification. Regarding the focal length, we recommend choosing an X-ray filter grid with a focal length of 1.8 meters if shooting upright chest X-rays, and an X-ray filter grid with a focal length of 1 meter when shooting the lumbar spine in a supine position.
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