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Instructions for use of X-ray grid

The anti-scatter filter grid absorbs most of the X-ray grid, thereby improving the diagnostic quality of the X-ray film and providing clearer and more detailed X-ray images.
2. Structure and composition
The anti-scattering grid is composed of high-absorption grid bars (Pb) and low-absorption gaps (Al). The grid bars and the gaps are arranged side by side.
3. How to use
The anti-scatter filter is placed directly behind the patient, in front of the X-ray cassette or image intensifier, and various detectors.
Use a suitable grid within the applicable focal length range. Make sure that the grid facing the bulb is perpendicular to the bulb.
(Note: If the grid is installed in reverse, it has no effect)
Scope of application: suitable for X-ray equipment, reduce the scattered radiation on the image receiving surface, thereby improving the quality of X-ray images.
4. Matters needing attention
Do not place anything on the anti-scatter X-ray grid grid. (Please refer to the following grid storage diagram)

The grid should be stored in an environment of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Do not drip liquid on the grid, do not scratch the surface of the grid.
During maintenance, wipe the surface of the anti-scatter grid with a clean, soft, and clean cloth to remove stains.
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