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Pet DR special X ray grid

Shanghai ** Pet Medical Co., Ltd. consulted the special DR grid for pets of newheek Imaging, and would like our company to recommend a suitable parameter. The specific communication process is as follows:
Customer: Hello, this is Shanghai ** Pet Medical Company. I saw the Korean JPI filter grid on your 1688 official website. I would like to ask if it is suitable for us?
newheek: Hello manager, what is your surname? What equipment is your filter X ray grid installed on?
Customer: Hello, my last name is **, the grid is installed on the mobile DR, but I do n’t know what is more suitable for use?
newheek: Hello, ** Manager. What brand is your DR? Are there specific model specifications? Generally, the wire grids used in DR are high-density grids, which need to be specially customized according to the DR brand model specifications.
Customer: Oh, we have several DRs, and one of them is Toshiba 4343. The Korean brand has forgotten it.
newheek: If it is a Toshiba 4343 type, the size of the grid is 18 * 18 inches, the grid density is 215L / In, the grid ratio is 8: 1 or 10: 1, and it is generally 1 for focal length beds Meters or 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters are used on the chest frame.
Client: Okay, I get it. What is the tax-included price of this model for bed?
newheek: The size is 18 * 18 inches, the grid density is 215L / In, the X ray grid ratio is 8: 1, the tax price of 1 meter focal length is ** yuan, the size is 18 * 18 inches, the grid density is 215L / In The tax rate of 10: 1 grid ratio and 1 meter focal length is ** yuan.
Customer: Okay, then I will report the price to the user first, and then we will communicate any questions later.
newheek: Ok, regarding the DR of the Korean brand, we also need to have specific specifications and models in order to recommend the best parameters to match. You need to implement this with the customer.
Client: Ok, I understand, I will contact you when it is implemented.
Dear friends, is it necessary to equip your DR equipment with a grid? If necessary, you only need to tell us the DR brand specifications and models, and we can give reasonable suggestions. The grille we purchased for you is absolutely suitable for your DR equipment. Do n’t hesitate to call us directly. its me!



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