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Jiangsu Suzhou customer inquiry wire grid

Jiangsu Suzhou customer inquired about the filter grid of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., and sent a picture showing the focal length of 1500mm, the grid ratio of 10:1, and the grid density of 40LP/cm. The bit picture shows that there are many stripes and the image is not clear, like it cannot be penetrated. The customer asks if the wire grid is broken and how it is broken, and informs the customer that the wire grid can be taken out and the flat panel detector is re-calibrated. , it may be a long time, and the template needs to be reinstalled. The equipment currently used by the end customer is not DR, but CR, that is, IP board, and the equipment is very old. Tell the customer to take out the wire grid, increase the dose of the equipment, and then shoot the human limbs to see the effect. If it is clear, do not put the wire grid. The customer tells the terminal to increase the dose when shooting again. I did not buy it in a short time. demand for wire grids.
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