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Make sure the grid is parallel to the tube

Everyone is curious why it is necessary to ensure that the grid is parallel to the bulb. The following editor will talk about the reasons for ensuring that the grid is parallel to the bulb.
In the process of radiology examination, the grid absorbs most of the scattered X-rays, thereby improving the diagnostic quality of the X-ray machine and providing a clearer and more accurate X-ray image. Grids with high absorptivity (Pb) and gaps (Al) with low absorptivity. Grids and gaps are arranged side by side. The grid is located directly behind the patient, inside the cassette, in front of the image intensifier and various detectors.
A suitable filter grid should be used within the applicable focal length range. to ensure the wire grid facing the tube is parallel to the tube. Wire grid application: suitable for X-ray equipment to reduce scattered radiation on the image receiving surface, thereby improving the quality of X-ray images. During maintenance, wipe the surface of the anti-scatter grid with a clean soft cloth to remove stains.
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