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Movable X-ray grid for action

Movable X-ray grid’s function is to filter stray scattering lines, improve the definition of film images and make movable X-ray grid clearer for thicker body position images.


Movable X-ray grid is also an important part in X-ray machines. In order to obtain high image quality in DR shooting, movable X-ray grid with different focal length specifications will be used according to different shooting requirements.

X-ray machine bulb radiates radiation to the human body and other objects will produce a lot of scattered lines in different directions, which makes the overall image blurred, seriously affecting the image contrast.

Therefore, movable X-ray grid can be configured to filter scattering lines, reduce gray fog and improve contrast. Moreover, in X-ray photography, movable X-ray grid is often placed between film and limb to reduce the influence of scattering lines on image quality.

Newheek movable X-ray grid is divided into many types. Customers can choose appropriate specifications according to their own needs. Our movable X-ray grid is divided into convergent grid, parallel grid, cross grid and circular arc grid.

Newheek movable X-ray grid can meet your purchasing needs, If you are interested in this type of equipment, please feel free to contact us.


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