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Movable X-ray grid structure design

Movable X-ray grid is an important part of X-ray imaging for improving image quality.X-rays pass through a patient or object and are then examined with appropriate X-ray detectors.
Movable X ray grid structure design
The primary design measures of movable X-ray grid are line frequency, line thickness and movable X-ray grid height, which are usually expressed as ratios.The frequency of lines, usually expressed in lines /cm, gives the number of bands of material absorbed at a given distance.The thickness of the line is exactly the thickness of the absorption line, which is usually expressed in microns.
Movable X-ray grid ratio is the ratio of the height of a filter grid to its spacing.
Newheek movable X-ray grid is divided into many types: convergent grid, parallel grid, circular arc grid and cross grid.


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