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X-ray grid is used to Mammography machine

X-ray grid can remove the scattered X-rays, and x-ray grid can also be a kind of Mammography machine structure which can remove the scattering produced in the process of Mammography machine shooting and improve the quality of the film.
It usually plays an important role in the process of motion. The Mammography machine x-ray grid motion system includes a bottom plate, a mounting frame fixed on the bottom plate, a x-ray grid; arranged on the installation frame, two linear guide rails installed on the bottom plate, and a vibration component driving the x-ray grid vibration on the two linear guide rails.
X ray grid is used to Mammography machine
Install on the bottom plate the telescopic transmission assembly that drives the expansion and expansion of the filter grid. Newheek x-ray grid range from standard 5 × 7 “to 14 × 51”, special size can also be customized at customerundefineds request, the size of the x-ray grid is one inch larger than the corresponding film size. Our x-ray grid can meet your different purchasing needs.


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