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Nigerian customer inquiries about x ray grid

Nigerian customers saw our x ray  grids on our company’s Alibaba. They are very interested in our x ray grids. They want to know the specific information and quotation of our filter grids. If necessary, they will buy from our company. .
Asked what equipment the customer’s grid is used on, what is the size of the grid, grid ratio, grid density, and focal length. Introduce the common filter grids commonly used in chest X-ray frames to customers, the size is 15*18 or 18*18, the grid ratio is 10:1, the grid density is 103L/in, and the focal length is 1.8 meters, but the focal length for the X-ray camera flat bed It is about 1 meter, and other parameters are basically the same as those used on the chest rack.
If the customer needs high density  x ray grid, the price can be confirmed according to the customer’s parameters.
The pictures of our filter x ray grid are as follows:

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