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Our company offers X-ray equipment to Australia at the most favorable price

For the last four months, Australia’s wildfires have spread over the past four months.

Why?In addition to its own climate crisis, the lack of awe of fire, fire-fighting is also an important reason.In the general recognition of Australian nationals, it is not to blame that wildfires occur every year. Often the fire system doesn’t intervene too much, believing that wildfires are the mechanism of nature’s self-regulation.After starting a prairie fire, the trees will grow again and the life will be reborn.So until the end of 2019, the wildfires were not getting enough attention.

What they don’t know is that, as a result of global warming, Australia has been getting hotter in recent years, especially this year, when temperatures soared to 40°C. Coupled with inland water shortages, eucalyptus, the main vegetation, is extremely flammable. Hot baked dry and hot flammable materials, it made this different years of the mountain fire.

On January 4,2020, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he would send an additional 3,000 defence reserve troops to take part in the fire fighting, with military aircraft providing assistance for evacuations and opening defence military bases in Adelaide, Brisbane and elsewhere to provide emergency short-term accommodation for evacuees.

On january 5th mr morrison said again that the australian defence force had assisted in the evacuation of the fire zone. Navy ships have evacuated 1,100 people from the Victorian town of Malacoota in the past 24 hours, and military helicopters have taken on the task of evacuating remote rural residents and transporting firefighters.

On january 6th the australian government promised to allocate 2 billion australian dollars (9.6855 billion yuan) to a new post-disaster reconstruction agency whose main task is to help rebuild homes and vital infrastructure destroyed by the fires.

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