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Protection of X-ray grid in bucky radiology

High purity lead provides high efficiency for anti-scattering within the x ray grids of bucky radiology. Secondly, the precise combination of aluminum matrix and aluminum strip makes it possible to produce high-quality images.
The smooth aluminum cover is covered with lead bars and glazed to keep the filter bars free from heat, dust and maintenance for many years.
Protection of X ray grid in bucky radiology
Newheek agent sales 6X8, 8×10, 10×12, 14×17, 17×17 and other different sizes of X line filter grid.Secondly, the filters of bucky radiology can be divided into monarch filter and JPI filter.
The filter grid can be used with chest X-ray frame, X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine and DR flat plate detector.
Newheek bucky radiology filters can meet your different procurement needs.


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