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Use of grid radiology

Grid radiology is one of the important accessories of X-ray machine. It is generally considered that the exposure coefficient of fixed x-ray grid is one of the standards to measure a filter grid. The exposure coefficient B is the ratio of the exposure required to obtain the same density value when the filter grid is not used and after the use of the filter grid.
B value is generally between 2 and 6. The smaller the B value of the filter grid with the same performance, the better. In addition, when X-ray photography is carried out, grid radiology will be used when the limb thickness is generally over 15cm.
Use of grid radiology
Basic structure of grid radiology: the appearance of grid radiology plate is a flat plate with a thickness of 4~8mm.The internal structure is formed by intersecting many thin lead bars.The two lead strips are positioned and cemented together with a substance that penetrates x-rays.
Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets.Finally up and down with thin aluminum packaging, forming a screen grid version.From the view of the section, the direction of arrangement of the filter plate lead will converge to a point. From the whole grid board, there is a convergence line.
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