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Selection of x-ray grids.

When X-rays pass through the human body, the Compton effect generates scattering rays, which make the photographs foggy and reduce the contrast. To improve the image quality, it is necessary to reduce the impact of scattering rays on the image. The most effective way is to use x-ray grid.

The higher the grid ratio, the stronger the ability of eliminating scattering rays, and the greater the exposure of patients. The greater the grid density, the greater the dose the patient receives. Therefore, the larger the grid ratio, the better the grid density. In daily use, it should be decided according to the size of the commonly used kilovolt. If high kilovolt film is used, it is better to use 10:1 or 12:1 x-ray grids. The x-ray grids with high grid density are generally called fixed x-ray grids.

Use of bucky potter grid


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