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Why are moving x-ray grids replaced by fixed grids?

Newheek’s x-ray grid can be mainly used in various X-ray equipment, such as X-ray machine, bucky stand, perspective machine and so on.

The x-ray grid can filter out scattered rays in order to prevent the image from being foggy due to Compton effect when X-ray passes through the detection body.

Moving x-ray grid is mainly suitable for Power-frequency X-ray machine, and vibration is controlled by motor motor. However, with the development of science and technology and the needs of the times, moving grids are gradually replaced by fixed grids.

Many customers asked us why few manufacturers now produce moving x-ray grids, mainly because power-frequency X-ray machines are gradually replaced by high-frequency X-ray machines, because high-frequency X-ray machines have higher kilovolts, so they generally use fixed x-ray grids with higher grid density.


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