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Sichuan MY Research Institute 6*8 x ray grid

Received an inquiry today, the Sichuan MY Research Institute asked about a 6*8  x ray filter grid ratio of about 10:1, a grid density of 40LP and a focal length of about 0.7m. It can be used in an X-ray machine with a flat panel detector. What kind of use is it? The parameters of the filter grid are still in the research stage. It is recommended to use a 15*18 10:1 40L grid with a focal length of 1 meter. The price is about *. If you need a small size grid of 6*8, you may need to customize the grid. . To popularize it for everyone, the parameters of the filter grid for which brand and model of flat panel detector are not arbitrarily specified, so when purchasing a filter grid, the size, grid ratio, grid density, and focal length must be accurate. If the filter grid It does not match with the flat panel detector, which has a great influence on the image effect. Dear users, if you buy an X-ray filter grid next time, I believe you should know all the parameters of the X-ray filter grid. If you have any questions, please call +86 17616362243!


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