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The 12:1 grid used in medical DR has the highest SIF

The use of digital radiography (DR) systems offers many advantages over traditional cassette film imaging. However, a potential disadvantage is that some fixed DR systems do not allow the user to change the backscatter grid to suit the imaging task. Instead, the user must select the grid at the time of purchase. Six grids were experimentally evaluated using a range of scattering conditions and tube voltages, which are available as installation options for a commercial fixed-room DR system. In addition, three grids were evaluated for use in portable DR systems, where the user can change the grids to suit the imaging task. The grids are compared using the primary transmission, scattering fractions, and the calculated signal-to-noise improvement factor (SIF).
It was found that the SIF of the grid with the low atomic number gap and cover material was 15% higher than that of the grid with the aluminum gap and cover material; for all tube voltages and scattering conditions tested here, the grid ratio was A 12:1 grid has the highest SIF.
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