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The relationship between JPI and the Korean king grid

A wire grid is used to filter out the effect of stray rays on the film
It should be placed between the human body and the film, which can filter out most of the scattered rays,
Only a small fraction of scattered rays escape.
Wire grid can improve the film quality of X-ray medical equipment
The function of the wire grid is to filter the scattered rays, reduce the haze and improve the contrast.
When the thickness and density of the photographed object are relatively large, the use of a wire grid can improve the quality of the photographed film.
In the past, it was recommended to use a wire grid for filming with a high-frequency camera, and the effect would be better. However, with the popularization of DR detectors, the application of wire grids has become less common. However, in the fields with relatively high imaging requirements, it still irreplaceable.
What are the principles for the use of wire grids?
(1) When using an aggregated grid, the grid cannot be reversed;
(2) The center line of the x-line should be aligned with the center line of the grid, and the left and right deviation should not exceed 3CM;
(3) When tilting the x-ray tube, the tilting direction can only be parallel to the arrangement direction of the lead bars;
(4) When focusing the grid, the distance from the focus to the grid should be within the allowable range of f1-f2;
(5) When using the speed-adjusting motion grid, it is necessary to adjust the motion speed suitable for the exposure time. Generally, the motion time should be longer than one-fifth of the exposure time.
(6) If the body thickness exceeds 15cm and the KV exceeds 60KV, a wire grid should be used.
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