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The customer consults the grid in x ray machine

Recently, a customer called Newheek consulting grid in x ray machine.The function of the grid in x ray machine is to absorb the stray scattering lines, make the imaging clearer and reduce the harm of the stray scattering lines to the human body at the same time. It is an important part of radiology department film examination.Newheek offers conventional 15*18 and 18*18 size filters.
We want the customer to confirm the grid in x ray machine parameter requirements, and the customer replied that it needs to be installed on the film bed, but it is not the regular size.We explained for the customer that the filter grid used for bed generally adopts the filter grid with a focal length of 1m, a grid ratio of 10:1 and a grid density of 103 lines. We can customize the special size required by the customer, and the customer needs to measure the specific size data.

The X ray grid is an option for X ray machines


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