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The difference between a vibrating X-ray grid and a fixed X-ray grid

Some customers are very interested in our X-ray grid and asked to introduce the fixed X-ray grid in detail. Customers use this equipment for ordinary X-ray photography. Then we send the product catalog to customers for reference. But the customer finally chose a fixed X-ray grid. Next, let us look at the difference between the vibrating X-ray grid and the fixed X-ray grid of the X-ray grid:
Fixed X-ray grids have high requirements for grid density, because low grid density X-ray grids are likely to cause lead shadows and affect the image. Therefore, the fixed X-ray grid usually uses a high grid density. The movable X-ray grid can also be called filter equipment, which consists of the X-ray grid, drive equipment and tray. The driving device moves the X-ray grid in the direction perpendicular to the arrangement direction of the lead at the exposure front, and stops after the exposure, thereby avoiding the shadow of lead. Therefore, the grid density of the movable X-ray grid is not high, so X-ray grids with low grid density can be used.
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