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The difference between filter plate and grid

It is easy to confuse the grid and the filter plate. They have similar names, and they both play a filtering role. The difference between the two is that the filtering objects are different.
What is a filter plate? In the X-ray machine, there is a device outside the X-ray tube called a filter plate. Anything that is invented naturally has its purpose and value.
The principle of the X-ray filter plate is also the same. It filters out the low-energy rays in the continuous wave spectrum and eliminates the softer rays, thereby improving the quality of the rays, making the rays harder and more penetrating. .
What is a grid? The wire grid is a device used in the X-ray machine. The function of the filter plate is mentioned above. It filters out the low-energy rays in the continuous X-rays. The X-rays emitted from the X-ray tube are called the original rays. That is, the rays that have not yet been irradiated to the human body.
After X-rays are irradiated to the human body, some of the rays are absorbed by the tissues of the human body, and some of them pass through the human body. Among the rays that pass through the human body, there are some scattered rays. Just like a bullet passing through a board, some bullets slowed down after passing through the board but the trajectory did not change, and some bullets not only slowed down but also trajectory deflected, and some bullets did not pass through the board at all. . The scattered rays come from Compton scattering. These scattered rays are useless and will reduce the image quality. Therefore, if these scattered rays are filtered out, the opportunity for the grid to show its talents will come.
The reason why the filter plate and the grid are introduced is because they involve the characteristics of continuous X-rays and the problem of scattered rays. This also involves similar problems in radiotherapy, especially for scattered rays. Some measures.



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