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What size does stationary grid radiology have

Recently, a medical company inquired about 17*17 stationary grid radiology, and other parameters are unknown. They only know that the focal length is 1.5 meters. Our stationary grid radiology are all customized. If the customer has other parameters and the third-party company does not know, then we need to send you a questionnaire about the parameters of stationary grid radiology and forward it to you.
After some discussion, two documents were drafted. The stationary grid radiology parameters were size: 17 inches, grid ratio: 8:1, grid density: 70~90lp/cm, focal length: 80cm-100cm. There is also a 1 meter focal length, a density of 40 lp/cm, and a grid ratio of 10:1. The quotation includes tax and shipping. At present, there are two choices of material: aluminum plate and carbon plate. Compared with aluminum sheet, carbon sheet is much more expensive, and few customers need it, and there is no stock at present. Delivery time is 30-40 days. After that, the quotation and detailed information of stationary grid radiology will be sent to the customer’s mailbox. The focal length that the customer wants is 80, and the focal length that the customer usually uses is 1 meter. The customer’s order was received soon. And asked about the size and thickness of the stationary grid radiology and how to install it. They are used in the laboratory without a radiographic bed. They just put the negatives in the lead box, and then they can put the stationary grid radiology directly on the negatives. The size is 18*18 and the thickness is 2.4mm.

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