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The difference between movable X-ray grid and fixed X-ray grid

There are two types of X-ray grids, mobile and fixed. The fixed X-ray grid can be used directly for X-ray photography. When using it, the X-ray grid can be placed between the human body and the film box to achieve filtering. The purpose of removing scattered rays. The characteristic is that it is easy to use and has a simple structure, but if the grid density is too small, lead bar shadow will be produced and affect the diagnosis. Active X-ray grid: Before the exposure, it starts to move in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the lead bar until it stops after the exposure. It solves the phenomenon that the fixed grid bar produces a lead bar shadow because the grid density is small.
The placement of the X-ray filter grid; when placing the X-ray filter grid, pay attention to the focus surface placed in the direction of the X-ray, and placed in the direction of the human body and the X-ray incidence, in order to make the original emission line pass through the maximum amount X-ray grid, the X-ray centerline can be inclined towards the lead bar during exposure, and can not deviate from the centerline of the X-ray grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction and the lead bar direction can be the same on the same horizontal line Pass the original emission line to a certain extent, and because the direction of the scattered rays is different and disordered, the scattered rays can be well absorbed to improve the image quality. Therefore, photography has moved out of a concept here. The phenomenon of absorption of the original emission line by the X-ray grid is called the cutting effect. In summary, the reason for the cutting effect is the placement of the X-ray grid. Anti-inclined angles may cause it to occur, and the X-ray focus does not coincide with the convergence line.
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