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The main parameters of the x ray grid

The x ray grid has been unanimously recognized in the clinical use of the radiology department. Placing a x ray grid on the film rack or bed can greatly improve the image quality. Some X-ray machines do not use the grid for imaging and the image is unclear. (Similar to the camera we use cannot focus). After using the grid with the same dose, because the stray X-rays are removed, the metering is too low. Therefore, we should increase the shooting dose appropriately to make the image achieve the clearest effect. Some customers do not know our specific parameters when they purchase the x ray grid, and do not know what a concept is. Then we will learn about several parameters in the x ray grid and their meaning in this issue.
Usually the letter F is the focal length of the x ray grid, which is the vertical distance between the lead converging line and the surface of the x ray grid. The best distance range: between 0.7m and 1.8m, the best distance for more equipment is between 1m and 1.8m. Short focus can replace long focus.
The letter R represents the x ray grid ratio, which is also easier to understand. It refers to the ratio of the lead bar height to the lead bar gap. Common ratios are: “6:1” “8:1” “10:1” “12:1”.
The letter N represents the grid density, which represents the number of lead bars within a unit distance. Common ratios are: “40L/cm(103L/In)”, “52L/cm(130L/In)”, “60L/cm(150L/In)”.

The stationary grid is used for mammography


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