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What is a moving X-ray grid

What is a moving X-ray grid? Moving X-ray grids are also called dynamic X-ray grids and moving X-ray grids. At present, some X-ray machine manufacturers use moving X-ray grids for U-arm and sickle-arm DR equipment. Dynamic X-ray grids have filters. + Grid composition. When the X-ray machine enters the pre-exposure state, the filter starts to reciprocate. Because the density of the X-ray grid is relatively low, the rays transmitted by the moving X-ray grid are filtered by the grid. The imaging effect is very good, and there will be no raster shadows. The convergence grid is currently the most widely used static grid. When using it, choose a grid suitable for the focal length and fix it in the chest frame or the film box of the filming bed. That is, it is relatively simple to use, and you need to consider the scene and purpose of the film and the parameter specifications of the grid.
At present, the X-ray grids sold by our company are all fixed X-ray grids, with a small amount of vibrating X-ray grids. If you also have X-ray grid needs, please consult.


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