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The role of grid in radiology in dealer customer consultation

Recently, I received a call from a client to inquire about the grid in radiology. The client was a large local dealer. His hospital client asked him to buy an grid in radiology. So why use this product? It is generally considered that the exposure factor of grid in radiology is one of the standards for measuring grid. The exposure factor B is the exposure ratio required to obtain the same density value without an grid in radiology. After using the grid in radiology, the b value is usually between 2 and 6. The smaller the b value of grid in radiology with the same performance, the better. When degrees are usually greater than 15 cm, the grid in radiology is used.
The ray grid is used to filter the effect of scattered light on the film. It should be placed between the human body and the movie. Most of the scattered light can be filtered out, only a small part of the scattered light will leak out. Grid in radiology can improve the quality of medical equipment of X-ray machine.


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