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The role of x-ray grids on mobile DR

The x ray grids board outer appearance is a 4~8 mm thick tablet. The internal structure of the fixed x-ray grid is composed of many thin lead grids arranged into focus. The two lead strips are positioned and cemented together with a substance that penetrates x-rays. Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets.Finally up and down with thin aluminum packaging, forming a screen grid version. From the view of the section, the direction of arrangement of the filter plate lead will converge to a point. From the whole grid board, there is a convergence line.
According to this structure, x ray grids parameters of different specifications are as follows:
1. Focal length: the vertical distance from the lead convergence line to the grid plate surface;
2, grid ratio: also known as the grid ratio, is the lead height and lead gap ratio;
3. Grid density: the number of lead bars within the range of unit distance.
The x ray grids currently sold in the market are typically 8:1 10:1 12:1 and a small number of 6:1 grids. Gate densities are usually 80-85 lines/inch and 100-103 lines/inch. The outer dimensions of the filter bars range from 6 x 8 to 15 x 37.
Newheek x ray grids specifications are both custom for customer needs. Can meet the different needs of the majority of users.

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