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The special structure of the X-ray grid filters scattered rays

The X-ray grid is a device that passes the original emission line and filters out scattered rays to improve the image quality.
Do you know anything about X-ray grids? Have you ever wondered how X-ray grids filter out scattered rays?
Through the previous articles, we already know the basic structure of the X-ray grid, and also understand the structure of the mobile X-ray grid and fixed X-ray grid, and the role of the X-ray grid. The X-ray grid definitions of the original emission line and the secondary ray are the original emission line and the primary ray and the ray emitted from the X-ray tube. The scattered rays and the secondary ray and the original emission line enter the human body and have a special effect on the human tissue. The generated rays are longer than the original emission line and the radiation direction is scattered and irregular. Due to the characteristic that the scattered radiation direction is different, the image will be blurred, and the image gray and white contrast will not be high. The quality of the image will occur.
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