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The scope of application of stationary x-ray grid.

The application of breast X ray grid

Newheek mainly has four kinds of x-ray grids, stationary x-ray grids, movable x-ray grids, DR special x-ray grids with circular x-ray grids.

Most of the customers who come to consult us are intermediaries, and there may be many who do not understand the classification or structure of the x-ray grids.

Many customers ask us the difference between stationary and mobile x-ray grids. In fact, the main difference is that the appearance is not the same, and the use of different ways.

Stationary x-ray grids are yellow-brown in appearance, while mobile x-ray grids are now green in the market. And the stationary x-ray grid is mainly suitable for high frequency X-ray machine. In general, the dosage of high frequency X-ray machine is relatively large, and the gate density of two stationary x-ray grids is relatively high.

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